A Night at the Grand Hyatt

Last weekend, we stayed overnight at the Seoul Grand Hyatt on the night of the 241st Army Birthday ball. It was really nice to have a room there to change in and to crash in after the festivities. Despite it being a hazy day, we had a lovely view from our room:


The ball itself was lots of fun, with plenty of friends to visit with from different areas of my life here: parents of students, band members, band spouses, book club members, and neighbors. Army birthday balls are always enormous, lavish affairs, at least in my experience so far. We were at a table right by the stage so we had a great view of the band. After a cocktail hour, we went in to dinner and there was a rather long streamer ceremony celebrating the Army’s history, with fabulous band accompaniment.

During the social hour
Our dinner table
The band performing during the streamer ceremony
To give you an idea of the size of the crowd
To give you an idea of the size of the crowd
The Hyatt did a great job with dinner, something that can be difficult when serving that many tables. There was a soup course that was especially good, and my steak entree was delicious.

After the meal, we were entertained by a ROK Army drill team (which I could barely see from where we were sitting), a K-pop group of girls who seemed to think “It’s Raining Men” was a great selection for an Army ball, and then finally, the fabulous rock group Dragon Sound from the 8th Army Band, who really blew the whole room away.


The next morning, we had to get going on the early side because of an 11:00 concert we were attending. We had breakfast in the main Hyatt restaurant. Once we sat down, I shivered and rubbed my arms because the A/C was blowing quite strongly. Immediately, a manager rushed over and turned down  the A/C units nearest us. Impressive service! We weren’t in the mood for the buffet, so we ordered off the menu and had a delicious breakfast. I liked the bread they used for the toast so much that I went and bought a loaf of it in their deli shop after we ate!


Why do my poached eggs never look like that?
Why do my poached eggs never look like that?
All in all, we loved the Seoul Grand Hyatt and will probably get back there at least one more time for a staycation.


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