A Few Favorites

Graeter’s ice cream, a college standby when I lived in Cincinnati, is absolutely wonderful.  Their chip flavors are chock full of huge chunks of Ghirardelli chocolate, unlike the waxy fake chocolate crap so many ice creams sport.  After leaving Cincinnati, I had to settle for having Graeter’s every few years when I went back to town.  Sometimes I would get 12 pints and bring them back home with me, packed in dry ice.  Luckily, Graeter’s is now being distributed nationally, though with a limited range of flavors.  A seasonal flavor, strawberry chip, has long been one of my absolute favorites, but I couldn’t get it unless I happened to be in Cincinnati in the month it was being sold (often June).  Lo and behold, what should appear in my Kroger’s freezer yesterday as I was picking up a few items:


Thursday’s Children by Rumer Godden is a book that I love to read over and over.  It’s out of print, and I paid around $70 for my copy, but it was worth every penny.  For some reason, this story of a young, neglected boy who has astonishing ballet and musical talents has always moved me deeply.


The television show Veronica Mars  is another of my favorites.  In fact, that’s what prompted this blog entry in my mind.   Yesterday, the show’s creator launched a Kickstart campaign to get a Veronica Mars movie made.  The goal was to raise $2M in 30 days, and they reached their goal in the first 12 hours.  I was so excited to have donated before they even reached $100,000!  If you loved Veronica and her gang as much as I did, you can donate to the project here (they reached their goal, but the more they raise, the better).  [Edit: for some reason, I can’t embed the video here, so this is the link to the page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/559914737/the-veronica-mars-movie-project]

Orishas, a Cuban hip-hop band.  One of my favorite tunes, Represent:

A few authors that are not well known and have not written any books for a while, but everything they write is wonderful and I wish they’d write more:

  • Nicole Mones – especially The Last Chinese Chef, but all of her books are excellent
  • Jean Hegland – Into the Forest and Windfalls, very different novels, were both completely engrossing
  • Marne Davis Kellogg – her Kick Keswick mystery series about a female jewel thief is probably my all-time favorite mystery series (Brilliant, Priceless, Perfect, Friends in High Places)
  • Elinor Lipman – romantic comedies that never grow old, especially her first novel, Then She Found Me, which was made into a terrible movie

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  1. Ah, many good memories of eating ice cream at Graeters on Ludlow st. when i was going to CCM. My fav was black raspberry and mocha chip. They’re also sold at our local grocery stores now, too. But now that I live in Columbus, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams take precedence 🙂

    1. It looks like D’Agostino’s Supermarket, 2828 Broadway, carries Graeter’s. I just put in a random Manhattan zip code to get that result. To find the place nearest you, go to http://www.graeters.com, and there’s a search field on the front page where you can enter your own zip code. Enjoy, you won’t regret seeking it out!

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