Obviously, it’s been a scintillating and inspiring 2013 so far; hence, my frequent blog posts.  *ahem*

So, my life lately.  It’s cold and rainy today (well, cold for Virginia Beach – mid-40s), and of course I chose this morning to go to the commissary.  The commissary always makes me cranky, as I have an organized list and like to speed (safely) around the store getting everything I need in order.  The commissary environment does not lend itself readily to that strategy.  I also like to bag my own groceries, since everyone else does it wrong, and it seems like the one self-checkout lane that allows for more than 20 items is always either broken or clogged with 3 people in front of me who have NO clue how to scan groceries.

Anyway, I’m back home now and trying to get out of the commissary grumpiness.

I’ve been playing Camelot this month.  I love playing musicals, and I’m having fun and meeting some nice people.  We frequently played a Camelot medley when I was in the Army Strolling Strings, so Ive been having some flashbacks, both good and bad.  Maybe one day I’ll do a Flashback Fridays on some of the more memorable strolling jobs in my Army career.

I tweaked my back Sunday night while watching football.  Yes, some people get injuries playing sports; I get them while spectating.  Actually, can you use spectating for watching something on television?  Or is it only used when actually attending an event?  Whatever, I used it, it’s done.  I am not just a football fan, I am a full-on fanatic.  I told Domingos that I know I will die in my 80s while watching a Pats game, because my heart just can’t take it.  I get ridiculously nervous for games, even as I get mad at myself for caring so much.  I will be hauling ass home from Richmond on Sunday after my last Camelot performance to miss as little as possible of the AFC Championship.

Despite my lower back feeling like crap, I’ve managed to still get my workouts in (just the elliptical, no lifting weights until my back feels 100%).  I think the elliptical has actually helped loosen up my back a bit.  I have a massage tomorrow morning, yay!

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about and researching alternative career options and ideas for extra income.  I’ve pretty much arrived at the conclusion that the best course of action for now is to do some things to maximize the skills I already have, rather than setting off in a brand-new direction, such as an accounting degree.  I like my flexible schedule, I like being able to take vacations whenever Domingos can get time off, and I don’t want to go back to school full-time.  To that end, I’m going to try to use part of my GI Bill benefits to do some Suzuki training; I’m going to work on making a recording to push into more solo wedding and strolling gigs; and I also may look into taking a marketing and/or small business seminar.  There are other things that I’m drawn to, such as organizing and life coaching, but it makes sense to expand on what I’m already comfortable with, since I do still enjoy teaching and playing.  If I hated what I do, then I would absolutely look elsewhere.  Instead, I want to create more options for myself within the music world, instead of just waiting for contractors to call or students to somehow find me.

I’m back to doing our own taxes this year.  I was intimidated by the rental property issues, but now that I have 2 years of tax returns prepared by H&R Block to refer to, I feel comfortable going back to doing it myself and saving some money.  This year will hopefully be all about maximizing our saving and minimizing our spending.  We had a lot of large unexpected expenses last year, and I’d really like to up our savings percentage this year, especially since I’m expecting a down year in the stock market.

There, all caught up, for the most part.  Go Pats!

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  1. I know what you mean about self checkouts – not that one specifically; they all seem to be clogged with people who can’t scan items to save themselves, haha. Regarding music, have you heard of the Kodaly method? I hadn’t before moving over here, but it’s pretty cool.

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