Busan: Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

On our last day, we took a taxi to the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, a temple right on the coast. 

The temple was extremely crowded and looked like all the other temples we’ve seen in Korea, but the location was lovely and scenic.

Definitely needed in Korea!
The very crowded walkway down to the temple

We ended up walking a ways after the temple and checked out the nearby outlet mall, where I rediscovered my frustration over Korean sizes. The best thing? A field of pink flowers nearby with Korean girls crouching in it trying to get the perfect selfie.

We finally ended up catching a bus to get to Haeundae Beach, where we had ice cream and then wandered around the very small Dongbaekseom Island.

Then we killed some time until we were hungry enough to eat a late lunch/early dinner at a very good Indian restaurant on the main drag leading down to Haeundae Beach.

Sandcastle/photo op along the main drag in front of the beach

Busan was the perfect getaway for a long weekend, and I can’t get over how perfect the weather was. The taxi drivers were also all very friendly and didn’t seem irritated the way all the ones in Seoul do. The subway system is just as easy to use as the one in Seoul, and you can use your T money card there. Just make sure to have plenty of won on it, as you can’t refill it in the stations. I heard there was a way to fill it up at some ATMs, but I didn’t want to be bothered with figuring that out. Some of the attractions are pretty far out and easier to get to by taxi, so make sure you budget for that if you’re going.

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