23 Days

I will arrive home from Hilton Head Tuesday late afternoon, just in time to teach 3 students.  Starting Wednesday, October 24, there will be 23 days until we leave for India.  I’m setting myself the challenge, and making it public for more accountability, of getting on the elliptical for at least 45 minutes every single one of those 23 days.  I’m also planning to do an extremely thorough house-cleaning over that time period, including those little chores like cleaning the baseboards and fan blades that don’t happen on regular cleaning days.  I also have to re-caulk the shower, which I’m dreading.  I hate caulking!

So that’s my incredibly exciting Sunday blog post!  It’s a gorgeous day here in Hilton Head.  I have a 4:00 concert, and then I’m going to hit a sports bar to try to catch the last half of the Pats game.  Tomorrow’s concert is at 8pm, so I’ll have the whole day free to do whatever I want!

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