February 2017 Reading Wrap-up

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Spin, by Robert Charles Wilson: This was an enjoyable sci-fi novel with fascinating science, a great premise, and excellent world-building. Intelligent beings have put the earth inside a type of bubble, making time pass on earth much more slowly than outside the planet. The main characters are twins Diane and Jason, and their childhood best friend Tyler, who is a little boring as the narrator. But the story rises above that and was a real page-turner. VGR Continue reading “February 2017 Reading Wrap-up”

Bhutan Day Six (Haa Valley to Paro)

After a tasty breakfast in Ugyen’s kitchen, we left the farmhouse and spent a little time walking down the street of the small nearby town, enjoying some of the shop signs. We also stopped and bought some chocolate as I was all out (the horror!). As we started on the road to Paro, we stopped for some great photos of Haa Valley.

Panoramic view of Haa Valley; the green roofs are military buildings

Continue reading “Bhutan Day Six (Haa Valley to Paro)”