Bhutan Day One (Bangkok to Thimphu)

Our day started way too early with a 03:00 wake up. We were in line for our Drukair flight by 04:20, but then we decided to see if we could upgrade and jumped over to the business class counter. Luckily, it wasn’t too expensive to upgrade (cash only!), so we got business class seats, priority lane passes for immigration and security, and a pass for the Air France first class lounge. Security was a breeze – no line at all, and we settled in to the comfortable chairs in the AF lounge for the next hour. Our flight took off right on time, and we were treated incredibly well by the Drukair employees. Continue reading “Bhutan Day One (Bangkok to Thimphu)”

Bangkok Food Tour

A 30-hour layover in Bangkok on our way to Bhutan? Sounds like it’s time for another food tour! Unfortunately, this tour was one of the more lackluster ones that we’ve done. There was some good food, but no real feeling of immersion, no real cultural or sightseeing stops (we briefly paused to look at the exterior of one wat), and no single food that really blew us away. I’m still glad we did it, as it got us out of our hotel and into the city center for a couple of hours, but it can’t hold a candle to the food tours we’ve done in Rome, Seoul, and Chiang Mai. Continue reading “Bangkok Food Tour”

Food Coma in Hongdae

Last week, I met a friend for lunch at Ciuri Ciuri, a fantastic Italian restaurant in Hongdae. It’s run by a Sicilian couple, and the owner himself waited on us and told us about all the dishes. I can’t wait to go back and try more of the menu! We shared an arancine to start, which is Sicily’s version of this fried rice ball that is found all over Italy (I had a version called suppli in Rome and first fell in love with this food). The rice mixture was a creamy risotto, fried perfectly, and the inside was a prosciutto and béchamel sauce. Ridiculously good!

Continue reading “Food Coma in Hongdae”