Schaumburg, IL: Sculpture in the Cold

Tour, Day 11
Lexi and I met up for a fun girls-only lunch on Saturday. We decided to go to Weber Grill since the wait at Egg Harbor Cafe was ridiculously long. I was able to get a fairly healthy chicken dish and subbed out the included mashed potatoes for a second vegetable side of green beans. It was tasty and I was happy to eat a lot of vegetables after a fairly unhealthy diet so far on tour!

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North Olmsted, OH: Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon

Tour, Day 4 (Continued)
I left Youngstown ahead of the band because I wanted to detour a bit to visit a Trader Joe’s. I took my time and also went in a Target, so I arrived at the North Olmsted (a Cleveland suburb) hotel just after the band got there. By the way, here’s a random storefront in Youngstown that made me laugh:

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Youngstown, OH: Food and a Local Distillery

Tour, Day 3
Not much happened on day 3 of tour. We worked out, we packed up, we hit the road, we quickly realized that if Domingos was coming with me he absolutely couldn’t be driving because of the flood of work emails and calls and texts (cue a super-fast Chinese fire-drill right before the toll plaza). We checked in to our hotel in Youngstown, Ohio, I practiced, and we left for the concert. Super exciting!

Venue #3

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