Jagacida – Healthy Version


I love jag – jagacida – a Cape Verdean beans and rice dish that I learned from my mother-in-law. I make a batch of it once a week and my husband eats it for lunch pretty much every day. I decided to try to come up with a healthier version, subbing out the linguiça sausage with chicken, adding more beans, and subbing brown rice for the original white rice. I have to say I’m very pleased with the results on my first try! Here’s the altered recipe if you’re interested in making it for yourself: Continue reading

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Miró Exhibit

There is a fabulous Joan Miró exhibit currently at the Sejong Center for the Arts in Seoul titled ‘Miró in Mallorca: A Wild Spirit.’ It will be there until September 24, so if you’re in Seoul, I highly recommend that you make the time to go see it. The exhibit features 264 paintings from Miró’s last years of his life in Mallorca.

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August Hodgepodge

I’ve been pretty lax with my blogging as of late! To be honest, the heat here in Korea is just so miserable that it’s hard to work up the energy or enthusiasm to do much exploring. I’ve just been plodding through the month, teaching my students, trying to do my P90X3 workouts when my back or hip doesn’t go wonky, and keeping up with my practice club. Also, I’ve been revamping and updating our retirement spreadsheets. At some future point, I do plan to write about my approach to retirement planning. It feels like a million years ago that I took and passed the CFP exam, even though it’s only been five months! Continue reading

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So! Much! Pink!


Earlier this week, my friend Nopa and I visited the Hello Kitty cafe in Hongdae. I’ve never been a huge Hello Kitty fan, but it was still one of those places I wanted to see while in Seoul, and it did not disappoint! We were there on a Tuesday afternoon, and it was pretty crowded – I can’t even imagine the scene there on a weekend. They must be pulling in profits hand over fist. Continue reading

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Fabulous Tapas

Yesterday, we went to Alma Restaurante in Hongdae, near Sangsu station. We had the place to ourselves, since it was late afternoon and before the dinner rush. We did notice two of the tables had “Reserved” signs on them, so if you want to go at a more normal time, you might want to make a reservation. The restaurant was small and very nicely decorated with blinds and shades painted with Spanish city names and pictures of Spain.

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July 2016 Book Round-up

23558787Stiletto, by Daniel O’Malley: Finally, the follow-up to the fantastic novel The Rook, which came out in 2012. It took me a while to get into the book, but once I settled in I tore through it. The Grafters and Checquy are forming an alliance after centuries of hatred and war. Although Myfawny, the star of The Rook, is in this novel, it mainly centers around a Checquy Pawn, Felicity Clements, and Grafter Odette Leliefield. Loved the book, could have done with fewer long forays into Grafter history. I think tighter editing would have helped. VGR Continue reading

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Play Ball!

Saturday night, we finally made it to a Korean baseball game. The Doosan Bears were playing the Kia Tigers at Jamsil Stadium, and the fabulous 8th Army Band MPT Spartan Brass were providing musical entertainment.

They started out entertaining fans just outside the stadium, putting on a great show despite the stifling heat.


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Cloudy Day Hike on Inwangsan Mountain

Sunday morning the predicted rain was still holding off, so Domingos and I decided to try a local hike. After doing a little bit of quick research, I chose Inwangsan Mountain as our destination – easy to reach by subway, and not quite as popular as many of the other hikes in and around Seoul. We took the train to Dongnimmun Station, and it was a short walk from there to the start of the trail at Inwangsan Temple.

Gate at the entrance to the temple.

Gate at the entrance to the temple.

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June 2016 Book Round-up

15820339Instant Mom, by Nia Vardalos: This memoir is primarily centered around Vardalos’s struggle with infertility and then her eventual adoption of an almost-three-year-old from the foster care system. She does give a brief background of her life and career, but that’s not the focus of the book. Vardalos is very open about her struggles and emotions, but I related so little to what she went through and her approach as a mother (although I am not one, and not planning to ever be one, I think I would be a very different type of mother than she is) that I found it hard to really engage with the book. Continue reading

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Making Your Credit Cards Work for You

Various Credit CardsI have promised to write about how I use credit card rewards for maximum effect. I am not an expert at this and I’m sure I miss out on some opportunities; if you want to wring every last bit of value from your credit card rewards, do a quick web search and you will find many websites dedicated to the process. But before I can talk about rewards, I have to talk about a few other things first.
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Gaultier at Dongdaemun Design Plaza

My friend invited me along to see the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at Dongdaemun Design Plaza one night last week, and I’m so glad I was able to go! Anyone who knows me knows I’m no fashion maven in any way, but it’s so much fun to look at haute couture, especially the eccentric and outlandish Gaultier creations. Apparently, Seoul is the last stop on the Gaultier exhibit world tour, and the last day to see it is June 30th. So if you live here and want to see it, make plans ASAP! Continue reading

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Seryna Shinjuku Shabu Shabu Meal

Here it is, my final post from Tokyo! For our last night, I had booked us in at a restaurant with great reviews, Seryna Shinjuku, that was a short walk from our hotel. We  found the building that the restaurant was located in and eventually figured out where the elevator was – the restaurant is situated on the 52nd floor of the Sumitomo building. When we arrived, we were greeted and shown to a reserved table right by a window, with fabulous night views of the city. Continue reading

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Dynamic Tokyo Tour Part Three

I think I’m going to end up with seven posts from a 3-day, 4-night trip to Tokyo! I would apologize for my prolific output, but since no one has to read this unless they want to, I won’t.🙂

We were definitely flagging on this last section of the tour, and eager to get back to the hotel and shower before our night at the New York Bar. The day was very hot, and our next stop outside the Imperial Palace grounds offered no shade and stark sunlight for photos. Still, there was a cool double bridge to admire (which doesn’t really show in my photos) and a statue of a samurai on a horse. Continue reading

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Dynamic Tokyo Tour Part Two

After the tea ceremony, we were taken to lunch at a teppanyaki restaurant, Mokushundo at Hotel Chinzanso. The food was cooked on a large lava rock at our table, and everything tasted fresh and wonderful. Our guide told us that the vegetables had been bought at a market that morning. We were given cloth aprons to wear to protect our clothing, even thought it wasn’t a particularly messy meal. Continue reading

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Dynamic Tokyo Tour Part One

On Saturday, we were signed up for a large bus tour, something we almost never do. It ended up being a fantastic tour, though, and we were happy to not have to walk as much as we did on Friday!

We were picked up at the Hyatt Regency, a quick 10-minute walk from our hotel, and taken to a main bus terminal to join the tour. There was a little waiting around, but not too much, and the whole process was very well-run and efficient. Our first stop was Tokyo Tower, where we went up to the first observation deck and enjoyed the views in each direction. Continue reading

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