Seoul Grand Park

I had a lovely day out on Sunday with my friend Nopa, a fellow band spouse who has been a most excellent partner in crime over this last year as we discovered new restaurants and interesting sights around Seoul. She’s moving away this week, so this was our last outing together for the foreseeable future.   We made a fun day of it and started with lunch at Bao Bar, a fabulous new restaurant in Itaewon. Continue reading “Seoul Grand Park”

March 2017 Reading Wrap-up

March was a great reading month! I thoroughly enjoyed almost every book I read.

The Dark Days Pact, by Alison Goodman: Even better than the first book in the trilogy! Goodman has infused these novels with so much historical accuracy (England in the early 19th century), and yet it never feels heavy-handed. Lady Helen is coming into her Reclaimer powers, learning to dress and act as a man, fighting her feelings for Lord Carlston, and still dealing with the Duke of Selburn’s attentions. Great detail, great characters, great action, and an ending that packed an incredible emotional punch. I need the next book! VGR Continue reading “March 2017 Reading Wrap-up”